even to a small group I would worry for months beforehand. I would try to think of ways of avoiding doing presentations altogether. I suffer from anxiety, sleepless nights, worry leading up to the dreaded day. Before I am due to speak, my heart beats like it's going to jump out of my chest, shaky voice, I start sweating and think about running away. I have done presentations in this condition and it's embarrassing, afterwards I feel very dejected and a failure and feel everybody laughing at me. On several occasions I have not gone for promotion because of the fear of speaking in groups. I have to do a short presentation next week and am in bits. So I went to the doctor and was prescribed propranolol which I haven't taken before. I now worry that it will not work on the day. Who else has experienced this and does this drug work. How long before I speak should I take it. I feel foolish and childish because I have been in fear of speaking in front of people all my life.