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What is the strongest pain medicine that you can get as a prescription?

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GreenMommy 28 Feb 2012

As far as I know the answer to this would be a prescription Fentanyl patch.

alwazonmymind 29 Feb 2012

Its actually according to the way your wanting to take it,oral,thru the nasal cavity(sprayed up the nose),applied to the skin and injections.but as far a oral and nasal passage,oxycotin is oral,then stadol for nasal spray.To me the stadol is pretty strong,its stronger than the oxy,but tht may be b/c of the way its being taken. hoped thi helped,as i now its hard to have to keep buyin meds that dont help,especially when you have no insurance&unemployeed. GODBLESS take care!

clay81 29 Feb 2012

In my opinion milligram for milligram Methadone is the strongest pill form of pain med and Fentanyl is also very strong it comes in a patch.Neither one is a medicine to play around with they have both proved to be fatal if taken wrong or abused.I hope this was helpful. free discount card

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