So about a year ago when I went to the dermatologist to see if I could get help with my acne. He gave me Accticlate, the antibiotic, to take once a day at night, clindamycin 1% to put on in the morning, and tretinoin 0.05 to put on at night. about 5 months and a lot of irritation later my acne completely cleared up. In June, I started weaning off the antibiotic and when I went to the dermatologist a couple weeks ago he stopped the antibiotic and put me on tretinoin 0.1. My acne has gotten bad, not as bad as a year ago, but still bad. I'm getting painful pimples and they are red and big and annoying af. I haven't changed anything except for the tretinoin. Could the stronger prescription be making my acne worse before it gets better? Or could it be the removal of the antibiotic?