Im currently on atralin but my insurance won't cover it anymore because there is a generic version so I decided to order the generic version since they're both the same. Of course my doctor completely ignores what I want and decided to give me the Tretinoin Microsphere .04%. The microsphere delivers the medicine at a slower rate to cause less irritation but I don't get irritated by the regular Tretinoin .05% so i don't know why my doctor would give me that?! Is there any major differences other than the time release of the medicine such as strength and how well it works? Does the slower time release make me able to break out faster? is regular .5% stronger than the microsphere .4% or is the .4% stronger than the .5%? I'm frustrated because I've always had problems with my skin and once i finally found something that works it gets taken away from me and i get this thing. so which one is better?