I started a new birth control on a fixed low dose 2 weeks ago (Aubra--0.1mg levonorgestrel/0.02mg ethinyl estradiol). Starting about 3 days ago, my vagina and entire vaginal/vulva area started hurting/itching. Then I started spotting. Now I am having almost a full blown period, but my cramps are impossible, I have intense headaches, and my back hurts a lot as well. Not to mention the pain and itching is still present. I was tested for STD's a little over a week ago (negative), one of my first thoughts with the irritation, and now I'm in a 3rd world country and don't really have access to a doctor to check out what's going on. Is this normal when starting a new birth control? Should I be taking my placebo pills while my body menstruates to reduce the pain? I can't do my work here with this much pain, and I never have periods THIS painful. What is the best plan of action? I have 6 days of active pills and 7 days of inactive left in this pack. I also have enough packs with me to skip inactive if I wanted (which I won't seeing as I'm having troubles already).