Hi, i'm 22, a full time college student and completely self-reliant. lately my life has become really stressful due to some extenuating circumstances. I've had a level of anxiety, albeit mostly tolerable, since I was about 7. But lately life has just been crazy, and I've been having quite some difficulty copeing. I don't have full blown panic attacks, but the anxiety has been turning into insomnia and constant fatigue. I'm really worried about meds, as a kid I was miss diagnosed add and spent 3 years between paxil and welbutrin, once almost committing suicide. I don't want to take something that is regimented either, I would just like a relief for the times when my anxiety is unbearable. I don't want to go the 'green' route either. Can someone tell me what I might be looking for? Also, I have no doctor, so how would I go about doing so? Thanks! -Joshua