I hate to continue to ask about these things but you all always break it down for me in terms I can understand. Also, my county paid doc can only spend fifteen minutes with me so I make her a list of things that hurt or what hurts or feels weird now lol. i hand her ths list and we try to address each of them but time runs out and i have to make another appt for the rest.I told my doc about these pains ive been getting in my chest and back. she listened to both sides and told me she is going to make me an appointment for the procedure stress echo thing. i was out the exam room door before i could ask her anything more than if it would hurt and she said "it shouldnt?" i remember my father began having pain in these same areas and he was a doctor phobe so he used up all the hocus pocus crap with the wearing of copper and the other crap. by the time i dragged his behind to the doc he had full blown squamos carcinoma. it had formed lumps attaching itself to his lungs. they removed about 60 precent of his lungs and i watched in horror and tears as he was in the recovery room flopping and floundering around like a giant fish for hours after. i held his hand to assure him i was there and tried to calm him down. he just couldnt breath well with his newly reduced lungs. a few hours later he was in a room with tubes for draining the fluids from his body. anyway i digress. i dont wanna put my wife through that so i go doctor crazy. is there any scary parts of this test? i despise needles and i cant walk more than a few yards without feeling completely spent. my knee is a waste at them moment its tricky and can fold out from under me without notice. thanks in advance and god bless you all... john