So, I have ADHD. I was diagnosed last year around this time. I took Focalin for a while, but that hurt my stomach (not severely). I also tried Concerta to no avail, again hurting my stomach. Then again, my Dr. started me at 54mg... but anyways I then started on Strattera. Now comes my journey of ups and downs. I have also been struggling with depression. I felt pretty sick the first two weeks but then it kicked in and i felt renewed. It was a good feeling let me tell you that. But after a month, I started to feel depressed again... then I would be fine for a month or two then it would come back. Now next week I finally go back to my Dr. and Strattera just hasn't been working and it makes my head POUND and I feel weak. So I really want to try either Ritalin or Adderall but mainly I want to try Adderall XR. Mainly because I am a little overweight and I'd like to lose a little plus stay focused in class and not want to bounce of the walls. Has anyone had any good experiences switching from the junk Strattera to Adderall XR?