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Strattera - How long do the suicidal thoughts last after taking Straterra?

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chuck1957 30 Jun 2017

Uandme; Please if they get too bad you go to the Hospital okay, Or call your doctor right away you did not say when you stopped the Strattera or how long you had been on it. But really even if I had it there is not exact time when it stops These kinds of side effects. If you were just starting it. Or just stopped it they could last for a short period meaning 3 to 7 days, But if you were on it longer it could be a few weeks but we are all different so this is not set in stone. If it is too bad to give your doctor a call in the morning and see if they can give you something to help. Most Important my friend keeps reminding yourself that these thoughts are coming from the withdrawals of the Strattera. And you are going to be okay but don't take any chances if you have to go to the hospital, please. good luck to you and again this is just temporary. Have a good night

Sidekick55 30 Jun 2017

Are you under 25? If so, this is rare with Strattera, but I think you should call your doc and ask if it will go away. If you aren't under 25, probably hit your doc up cause it might not be the strattera and you could just be having depression symptoms. As chuck said, go to a hospital if you feel in any danger. free discount card

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