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Why is strattera not controlled but adderall and ritalin are?

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kaismama 15 Jan 2013

Strattera is not an amphetamine and is not felt to be subject to abuse.

Melanie King 15 Jan 2013

Well, thank you so much kaismama. I'm just confused because it is called a cns stimulant-but doesn't seem to have stimulant med in it, just depression.

kaismama 15 Jan 2013

They really aren't sure how it works, they just know it does. If its causing depression for you, you should probably change meds. Your dr needs to know.

Danni926 16 Jan 2013

Hi Melanie, can you be more clear? You said it doesn't seem to have CNS stimulant in it, just depression - meaning the Strattera is causing you to feel depressed? If yes, is this new to you and you feel being brought on by the Strattera? If yes, then yes please let your doctor know this as Kaismama recommended you do. I didn't know if perhaps you have previously been diagnosed with depression but were no longer taking a prescription you may have had. If it's a side effect of a medication, that's a different story - but that's something only you would really know - don't be afraid to call your doctor, and be persistant if you have to - this is what they get paid for, even though it's ultimately the NP or someone else underneath the doctor who actually does the legwork and makes the calls... there are many other ADD/ADHD medications your doctor can prescribe for you if Stratterra is not the right one for you - which if it's causing you discomfort, it's not for you. Keep us posted and good luck - use the voice God gave ya : ) free discount card

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