Aloha, I am 49 yrs old, I have osteoarthritis in both knees. Ive been bone for many years..
I just had an osteotomy on my left knee, I am getting stronger..
what Ive noticed in the 2 months of sitting on the couch..
I feel like I may have some sort of virus or bacteria that is attacking my knees.. ???
It is happening right now, and it seems to come and go. It comes as stiffness and im not able to walk. bad bad pain.
.It comes every couple months and then slowly goes away. I have had this going on for a few years.
I want to do some tests and pin point this, so I can treat it..
Does this sound like a possible cause? Virus or bacteria Staph?
I really don't want to ask my doctor for something that's crazy and they have never heard about, but I do want to get better./
I have been living in Indonesia for 20 years, I have had malaria and dengue fever also bad bad staph infection with boils coming out on both knees about 15 yrs ago..
Also have had gonorrhea and other STDs.. I also do have DIVERTICULITIS and I have part of my intestine removed, it created a tumor that attached to my Bladder.
I got the staph from stepping on a sharp sea shell, and the shell went 1 1/2 into my foot and we never got it out..
My doctor currently does drain a lot of fluid out of both knees.. probably a good 12 oz of fluid every 2 months..
We have never had the fluid tested. I do realize that this is not a common problem or ailment...
I do have a friend from New Zealand That has been diagnosed with a tropical virus that effects his knees that he got from Bali..
So I am aware that this is a possibility.
Its just that my doctors have never thought this could be THE problem for my knee pain?
I am desperate, I am considering centipede stings or bee stings to try to fix this problem.
Thank you for any help you can provide.