I started taking Jolivette (the mini-pill) in February. I would occasionally have some breakthrough bleeding if I didn't take it at the correct time. From about June 18-25th(ish) I had just finished with school, was sleeping in late, took my pill at the wrong time for a few days in a row, and experienced a lot of breakthrough bleeding. I also missed a pill somewhere in there and took two the next day. I was having regular intercourse with my boyfriend during that time. I broke up with my boyfriend on June 29 (the last time I had intercourse), and a day or two later about two days spotting, just consistent light barely-there bleeding, which I have literally never experienced before in my life, on the pill or off of it. I panicked and took a pregnancy test on July 2nd, which was negative. I thought I was free and clear, I stopped taking the mini-pill on July 3rd (mid-pack, which I know is bad... ) and haven't had sex since then. I still thought the spotting was weird, and my friend says since the spotting occurred about a day after the last time I had sex, it could have been implementation blood. I don't know super well how BC works -- could I be pregnant? Should I take another test?