So, I had several allergic reactions (including itchy eyes, sneezing, eczema and tiredness) over the past two months. I tried figuring out what was causing it by going to a few different doctors. By the time I went to the last doctor (two weeks ago), I had developed conjunctivitis, probably because of rubbing my eyes too much, I also felt really ill by then. It was like my small allergic reactions had built up to this one big one. Anyways, I got help, and I was prescribed several medicines by my doctor, including prednisolone Alternova tablets (2 a day for 5 days), Chloramphenicol eye drops (1 drop every two hours for 2-3 days and until two days after symptom-relief), Chloramphenicol eye salve to use at night in the eyelids, and Ultracortenol salve (prednisolone) for using around the eyes for a week (because the skin around my eyes was very irritated). Anyways, here comes the question: During this week that I have been taking this medication I've been feeling incredibly good. I mean, I've been feeling better than I can ever recall. My airways have been totally free, I've slept incredibly well, just generally felt very healthy. I had a feeling of "this is how it's supposed to be being healthy". I have had atopic eczema since I was a little kid, and I've also had a lot of trouble with sleep and general tiredness and very often been troubled with various/different small things like allergic reactions from time to time, very dry skin, itchy eyes, trouble breathing, bad sleep, my nose is almost always "blocked". I've always had a feeling this was due to something physical, although I've never spent a lot of time following it up. Sometimes I would suddenly feel really healthy and energetic just out of the blue. My question is: In addition to treating conjunctivitis, can the medication (basically prednisolone) have been treating some underlying disease/condition/allergy that has been troubling me for years in a very subtle way? Or is this a normal side effect of taking prednisolone? (That it clears your airways, makes you sleep better and feel better and more healthy and energetic in general). Is it worth following up? Going to the doctor again to try and do a investigation of what might lie beneath? If there's maybe some allergy that is constantly doing a little bit of damage and keeping me from feeling really good? Or is it just the prednisolone that gives you that sort of "high"?

Thank you