I am a 22 year old male, no prior medical history, no allergies. Okay, i went in to my local prompt care with constipation and what felt like a bowel obstruction, however, directly preceding my constipation was diarrhea for at least 10 days and what i thought were tapeworm fragments in my stools. After 5 days of constipation and being an at least once a day pooper, i went to see a doctor. I ended up only getting to see a nurse practitioner who said to go home and take some laxatives and give myself an enema. I did both of those very unpleasant things. I now have diarrhea that passes around the obstruction but the obstruction is still there. I called back to the prompt care and a nurse advised that i continue with a laxative regimen. However on the laxative bottle it says not to continue using if you already have diarrhea.

What should my course of action be? Is at possible that there is something non-fecal related blocking my bowels?