I have been taking Wellbutrin for a few months now, and it was perfectly fine for me.

I've recently been prescribed Abilify by my psychiatrist on top of the Wellbutrin, for motor tics and as a mood stabilizer. I've been on it for less than a week, and the one and only side effect I've noticed is unbearable.

I'm 70% sure it's the Abilify, or a reaction between my two meds. I've been having these strange heart-palpitations. At least, I think they are palpitations, but they seem different from the usual kind.
Instead of just a fluttering heart, I also feel this pulse or shock go through me, and it's almost like everything blurs and I lose a tiny portion of consciousness for just a millisecond.

It's been happening throughout the entire day, every few minutes to every 30 seconds, it varies.
I'm going to contact my psych about it soon but I wanted to do some sleuthing myself until I'm able to call him.
If anyone has any idea what or why this is, let me know. Thanks.