I've had bad insomnia since I was a kid, and just a couple months ago I finally tried taking melatonin tablets. It worked wonders for quite a while and I actually had decent sleep for once. I have one tablet left from my bottle of 3mg tablets (which I am using tonight) and went to get another bottle from the drugstore. The bottle I had gotten before wasn't there, but there was a bigger bottle of 10mg tablets. The 3mg have been getting less effective and I was in a rush (plus I don't want to go a week or two with nothing before they restock) so I figured there wouldn't be much harm in going for the 10. But now I'm curious if I should. I'd seen a few posts about how it's recommended you should go from 3mg to 6mg THEN to 10mg, but there have been some nights recently I've had to double up the 3mg tablets to get good sleep so that counts as moving to 6mg right? Either way, now I'm wondering if this increase could have adverse effects.
I know it won't kill me or anything but what should I expect with the increase in dosage? Will the 10mg tablets make me go to sleep faster/harder? Should I try taking it earlier than I did with the 3mg so I don't sleep in too much?
Any help/advice is appreciated!