... notice the the outer and middle part of my eyebrows falling out and she said she didn't know and she gave me some blood tests, but I don't think she ran tests for my other thyroid levels just for tsh t3 and t4 and my results came back normal. Then she referred me to a dermatologist and I went to him for 6 months he diagnosed me with Alopecia Aereta without actually giving me the actual test to prove it which is giving a biopsy test. I went through his TREATMENT for 6 months which was just trying a variety of different steroid creams for my eyebrows and a steroid injection for my scalp hair and that didn't help either. And throughout him giving me the treatments my hairs got worse about during within the 3 months of visiting him I started to lose my facial hair I have lost pretty much all of it accept for very few hairs that are just sticking out half dead dangling on to my face and then I was also losing the hairs on my scalp at the same time I was losing my facial hair. So finally I got so frustrated I tried natural remedies and that helped really little, but I am not sure if that was finally the steroid creams kicking in that I was using for my eyebrows and I still use supposed natural remedies and I have tried all of them trust me I even tried this stupid product form the UK called alopecia colosol recovery ointment and as you all know there is no cure for alopecia considering only 6.5 million of the whole world population suffers from it there will most likely be no cure for it. So then I went to an immunologist and he offered me a glimmer of hope because he helped me find what is actually wrong with me or at least what he believes to be and what I hope to be to he ordered several different kinds of blood tests for me and everything came back normal accept my Thyroglobulin levels the reference range was <20 IU/ML and mine was 90 and also my Thyroid Peroxidase AB levels reference range is <35 IU/ML and mine came back 254 I just want to know what this means? Also 3 years ago way before I lost my hair I noticed this lump on the side of my neck and this endocrinologist I went to a couple days ago said it was a lymph node what does that mean? I have also lost hair in my pubic region and legs I still have chest and belly hair and arm hair that is about it and I have a big patch of hair gone in the top middle part of my hair. could a doctor give me some type of Thyroid hormone pill I could take?