Ok well I have been on suboxone for 17 days (24 mg) in the morning. and I hate it. I have there up twice in the mornings and even threw up my dose too. I have a appt with my suboxone doctor tomorrow, but today and tomorrow I don't have any suboxone. and I don't really like being on them anyways. So i was wondering what kind of withdrawals will i be having for only being on them for 17 days.
And tomorrow I will be going to my suboxone doctor and telling him that they make me sick nd that I don't want to be on them no more. I wanted to get off the pain pills, but not to be on something that i have to take everyday, and that my body will need it everyday. Im SO tired of that. . I have a 13 mth old to run after and to Live for. So how will I be feeling.? Thanks so much for your response!