Hi everyone, here's the deal.Hoping someone has a bit of insight. I'm going to Spain from the US for approximately 2 months, I have been taking about 30 mgs of Oxycodone a day for about a year. In between I stopped a few times and got on subs but then went back. I stopped 2 days ago and took about 2mg of sub each day. Now i am out of subs as well. My dosing on the pain meds or the subs were never very high at all, and sometimes I would go a day or two without anything. One time after subbing for a week i stopped for close to a week. Before jumping back on the subs now for the last 2 days, I had the oxy down to 15mgs a day for a few days. I really thought 10 days of being clean starting now would be enough to be totally through any physical withdrawals because well, I'm leaving in 10 days. All I have to take with me is the Lexapro I began recently and ambien. Should I spend these last days tapering, or going cold turkey? Canceling my flight is not an option and after reading the forums (though it appears most people have had a stronger habit than me) I am beginning to get nervous. What should I do? Thank you!!