Hello. I have been taking Lamictal 200mg once a day for almost 10 years. I was prescribed the med mainly for anxiety and mood. I had horrible panic attacks when I was younger. I still struggle with anxiety but no major panic attacks for years and years. I do have a lot of problems with memory retrieval, feeling tired, very noticible and annoying tremors, and no creativity. I read that these effects can be lamictal induced as well. I recently ran out and have not taken any for 3 days. I have a refill at the pharmacy but have been reluctant to pick it up. My gut tells me it may be time to stop and see how I do, but then I read some of this stuff about withdrawal online and I get concerned. I can't really afford to see my doctor about it. Would it be out of my system after 3 days or no? I guess if not I could pick up the refill tomorrow and carry on as is, but if it's out of my system I wouldn't mind finding out if it was the source for the symptoms I listed above. It's the only psych med I take. Any input would be great. Thanks!