This seems like very informative groups. I have chronic pain (headaches, RLS & neuropathy) for the past 20 years, but it has lessened and changed. I was taking 120 mg. Kadian per day last year and now taking only10 mg. at night. I take hydrocodone 5/500 mg for breakthrough about 3 times a month.
Saw my Pain Management dr and said that I shouldn't have much effects from withdrawl as I'm taking such a low dose of Kadian. I'm prescribed clonzapam .5 mg. and hydrocodone 7.5 the event of any pain that I may experience and titrate down. He also gave me the option of if my pain isn't controlled a prescription of tramadol or to get back on Kadian.
I'm nervous of what my body may go through and the time frame. Any suggestions?