Basically i had a period. And then four days later my boyfriend had entered me once, i told him we couldnt resume in the activity thus i didnt start my BC yet, and we stopped. The next day i then started the BC. took if for about 5 days and had stopped. A couple days or about a week later i noticed spotty blood with some clear discharge and i cramped like it was my period. It was pretty bright. Its been lasting for a good while now. It went on for 5 days. Stopped 2 and started again for about 3 days now. I have taken pregnancy test. All are negative. Im pretty sure i messed up my whole cycle. On accident… ive read this can happen when you suddenly stop BC. I just wanna make sure this is true. I figured if it was implantation. I would have gotten a positive test. Not that im trying to have a baby. But i tried todo the right thing telling my man to stop, bc there was no protection involved that night, just looking to ease my mind!