I was taking clonidine - .1 - .2 mg per day for about 3 weeks. My doctor stopped that and switched me to tizanidine 4mg twice a day. I took that... but only for 5 days. The last time I took Tizanidine 4mg was 6:30 AM yesterday morning. 11pm last night I took clonidine .1mg. So I had stopped the Tizanidine completely and switched to clonidine. Today I took Clonidine - .05mg at 9AM, .05mg at 1PM and .1mg 11PM tonight. Last night I noticed some irregular heartbeat stuff... felt like quick rapid beats for a moment. That happened through the day today as well. Tonight it seemed a little more and accompanied by anxiety and dizziness. I have taken my blood pressure and pulse multiple times over the last 2 hours. Its been inconsistent but high for me... once was 134/80, once 143/81 and the other times more in the 155/85-90 range. Pulse has been between 70 and 90 - varying. I'm also taking Suboxone - which I just started up yesterday - 2mg yesterday and 3mg today (2mg in the AM; 1mg in the PM).

Should I be concerned to the point of an ER visit? Its been about 2 hours and I don't feel right. Its kinda hard to explain. I've suffered from anxiety and had panic attacks in my life... its not as severe as that. But not comfortable thats for sure. From what I'm reading it could have something to do with stopping the Tizanidine abruptly? Even after only 5 days would that be an issue? Or could it just be changing medications quickly? Any help or advice would be appreciated... I kind of just want to make sure I'm not in danger here... I have had this irregular heartbeat for about a full day now... though its not consistent (I seem to have an "episode" once an hour... or once every other hour... just a quick rapid beat then back to normal).