Ok I was on the implanon arm implant in dec-feb this year. I got off it because it was making me sick. Then I started my period and it lasted two weeks so my doctor put me on microgestin to stop it. I was on the pill for about a month and a half. I switched from one pack to the other without stopped for the period because I had just stopped bleeding by the time i got to the fake pills. I was a little forgetful with the pills, Ive never been good at taking them at all because I'm very forgetful person. Now im two and a half weeks late not even spotting. I had cramps all day a few days ago and I have been feeling very bloated. I have taken like 5 of the cheap 1$ pregnancy tests(all negative), but I don't know how good those are at detecting pregnancy?? and if I was pregnant, shouldn't it show up by now??? I havent had unprotected sex since before i got off the pill so i know for at least the last two weeks i couldnt have become pregnant. Is this normal to have such a late period after getting off the pills?? Every other pill Ive ever been on I bled after missing one or two pills.