I started taking lamotrigine and cipralex in April this year (2015) for depression. In 2014 I was on SerDep but this meds has worked so well for me. When I started taking it, it was closely monitored and controlled by my psychiatrist and she slowly increased my dosage. I started with 25mg Lamotrigine twice daily (one in the morning and one at night) and 5mg Cipralex once a day. Then it was increased to 50mg Lamotrigine twice daily and 10mg cipralex once a day, then 75mg lamotrigine twice daily and 10mg cipralex once a day and then 100 mg lamotrigine twice daily and 10mg cipralex once a day which was my final increase. I stopped taking it on my own, started only taking in once or twice a week, then I just stopped. I have not been taking them at all for about one and a half/two months. I lied to my parents and my psych when they checked on me, I was supposed to be taking them this whole time, I still am, but I didnt want them to worry about me and I felt better. Now I want to start taking them again and pick up where I left off with the 100mg Lamotrogine twice daily and the 10mg cipralex once a day. But I am scared that it will have negative side effects emotionally or in general, I just dont want to mess my head and my brain up or something
I would really appreciate some advice on this. Thank you very much.