I got my period one week (heavy period with cramps and all) before i got to my placebo pills. I was traveling at the time and didn't get a chance to Google it . so I stopped taking the active pills and let my period flow and i avoided sex (to my husband's dismay)just to be on the safe side.

Now that I'm back (I realize I was wrong to stop taking the pill) , it's time for my placebo pills but I have 7 active pills waiting to be had before I take the placebos. And my period is almost over (flow is minimal as it usually is when my period is about to end). What do I do ?

Do I start a new pack?

Or do i start taking the pills from where I left off(and expect a period one week from now)?

And, when can I have sex?

Extra info:
(I'm on a pill called azurette. Normally my period starts during the placebo week (first two days I have really bad cramps and then I get my period which lasts about 5 days). This time it lasted all 7 days and flow was pretty healthy.)