After 7 yrs on sertraline (50mg) I was almost completely off them by tapering down very slowly. I was taking just 25mg every 3/4days. Then 8weeks ago had a major anxiety attack which carried on for a few days so gp told me to go back to 50mg a day! I thought this was a high jump back up but did as he said. To cut a long story short they completely messed me up even worse than i already was. I decided to come off them which u have done slowly over the last 6 weeks. I'm now 6 days off them but my head still feels very clouded almost like I'm dreaming and very tight. Still waking with some anxiety mainly knot in tummy and loose bowels. I do feel a little better though and am now trying to get out for a walk everyday. Just wanted to know how long will this head feeling last as I know if my head was clear i would feel almost back to normal. Go has given me citalopram but haven't started them yet as want to see how I am with no ssri in my system. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thankyou. X