Little more info, started Lamictal back in April, made my heart rate sky rocket and gave me constant panic attacks. I told my doctor numerous times about this but he said it was not the Lamictal and I was probably causing it by worrying about it (in other words he thought it was in my head -_-) he prescribed Risperdol after my 4th visit telling him about this, which did nothing. He also gave me Clonidine which has been a life safer with getting my heart rate down. Even with the clonidine I'm sitting with a heart rate anywhere from 80-95 sitting. And it spikes randomly through out the day, to the lower 100s bpm. So I finally had enough of this and I stopped it myself, which I probably shouldn't have done... but this was 2 weeks ago and I'm still getting random heart rate spikes and and panic attacks. Is this normal? How long till it stops? Is it possible the Lamictal damaged my heart? Thanks for any insight ;)