I stopped my birth control on my last pill of the pack in December, I got my period the next day like I was supposed to and it was 4 days instead of 5. Then 33 days later my January period came for 5 days and on time. I had severe cramps but other than that everything was normal. Me and my boyfriend are trying to start a family. I was ovulating from February 7-12 and on the 9th I had sex, but technically it was the 10th because it was after midnight. I was supposed to get my period a few days ago, but haven't gotten it. Every time I think I have it I go to the bathroom and it's just watery discharge or milky white discharge. I also have been having back aches, cramps that go away after 10-15 minutes, sometimes sore boobs, fatigue, super hungry and thirsty, and out of breath. Is my period just late because my body isn't used to being off the pill and the last two periods were just the break through ones or do you think I could be pregnant?