I recently decided to stop taking my birth control pills for a couple of months (with the advice of a specialist) for certain medical reasons. So I finished the active pills in my packet, and then stopped (so technically like taking the placebo pills), and got my period as usual. During that week – about the 4th day of what would be the placebo pills – I had sex and the condom broke. If I was continuing the pill, I would've had to start taking it again yesterday, but I didn't, and I am wondering if I should just start taking them again (double up today) to prevent pregnancy?
I was taking Levlen ED, and have been on that pill for at least 3 years, taking it consistently.
I am not in a position to get pregnant, and I would like to know what the chances of pregnancy are, having had sex whilst on my period, and not continuing pill use 4 days later?