Nearly 6 weeks ago I experienced an 8-ball hyphema due to injury. The vision was immediately lost in my left eye and blood covered over 50% of my iris after the injury. I have regained my vision after several weeks of administering prednilisone, combigan and atropine eye drops. It has now been over 3 weeks since I stopped using the atropine and my pupil in the affected eye is still very large/dilated. The pupil in my right eye shrank down to well below it's normal size about 2 weeks ago. I have also been experiencing muscle spasms and twitching and fluttering of the eyelid in my (left) injured eye. Should I be alarmed that pupil remains so dilated in the injured eye? It does not look at all normal and vision is still slightly blurred and focus isn't 100% back to normal either. While greatly improved since the accident, my left eye still feels very sore and gets tired easily. Also, I have developed a case of extreme dry-eye in both eyes to the point of having the apply drops several times during the day and sometimes during the night.
I am very concerned that the pupil has not returned to normal as of yet.