I am 42 I have tingling and numbing in my hands,arms,legs,feet and places on my face,I. Don't know what causes it and it hurts and driving me crazy no relief never ..I have two bad hips and back and nerve pain all over my body ..Dr says there's nothing they can do besides pills,baclofen,nirco,gab something not sure how its spelled... its for nerve pain..none of it works..Dr says I have 3 bugling dics,arthirist in every joint and nerve damage..but he says nothing at all can be done I have to just live like this ..I been like this for 10 yrs now..started in my early 30s ..I was 32 yrs old ..it seems I get worst every month... it hurts to walk,sit,lay down..to much of any of those and I'm in a great deal of pain..does anyone else have the same thing? Does anyone know what it is? what do you do or take to get out of pain?