Hi group. Does anyone have some advice for me? I was prescribed tramadol 4 years ago by my previous GP for severe migraine and chronic daily headache (first diagnosed in 2012). The migraine meds (sumatriptan / rizatriptan) don't help much. Anyway, I have relocated and my new GP wants me off the tramadol. However, I don't want to as I feel the tramadol has been the ONLY thing that has relieved my pain and prevents headaches and migraines. If I reduce / stop the tramadol the headaches come back and I feel terrible. GPs (I have seen several) don't seem to understand that the severe pain was literally ruining my life (almost lost my job, couldn't leave the house for 4 days sometimes etc etc) it WILL come back and I cannot go back to that. When I keep asking them for it I feel they are dismissive, they say tramadol is not a long term option but don't offer any other solutions and I feel they think I am engaging in drug seeking behavior (especially if I go to different GPs trying to get a prescription, I feel like a criminal!). I just want to keep this regime because it works for my pain and allows me to live a life that is sort of approaching normal. I feel fine taking it and I haven't experienced any adverse effects that know of. Any recommendations on what I should do?