I had a drug induced psychosis episode in 2010. I didnt understand or was really told by the health professionals what had happened. I was on medication (which i wasnt told what it was) but stopped after a few months. In 2013, i had another drug induced psychotic episode not realising the risks from lack of education/communication the first time. It was a less severe episode, however i have been on risperidone ever since. It is now 2015 i moved overseas and lowered my medication dose my self - i feel i am having negative side effects including personality changes (dull, withdrawn), stopped menstrual cycle, vision difficulties, tiredness. I want to stop taking the medication, but dont have a supportive doctor to talk to overseas, but should i be okay to gradually go off it when i return to my home country withsupport. I feel the medication has changed me negatively. Im scared of having symptoms again but want to be off this medication.