Recently I woke up and had swollen tonsils with white spots all around them. I had no pain, but i knew this was not normal. I went to my walk-in clinic to see a doctor and he said it looked like the beginning of an infection, so he took a swab and prescribed me with 300MG of Penicillin VK. I was told to take 2, twice a day for 10 days. He told me if there was anything wrong with my tonsils they would call me. However, I never heard from the doctors office, so I guess it was not anything serious. I don't want to continue taking this medication if it is not necessary.. I am currently on my 8th day of taking the antibiotic. Whatever was on my tonsils is now gone. I understand if you are infected with something you should continue the medication for the full time it is prescribed, but since i never heard back from he doctor, can I just stop taking the medication?