I’ve had a very mixed experience with modafinil, and I’m not sure if I should continue using it. I’m 19, have no diseases and I don’t use any other medications. I’ve been taking unprescribed modafinil (Modalert) for 3-4 months, from a trustworthy website.

The first time I took modafinil (200mg), it had an amazing effect. The next couple of times, it had zero effect - other than a sore throat. Modafinil has only truly worked for me a few times out of the 14 pills I’ve taken. Two weeks ago, I decided to try 400mg. It was just as amazing as the first time. Studied from 7am till midnight. Downside; didn’t sleep at all.

3 days later I started getting red, itchy spots on my arms, followed by a racing heartbeat. They kept swelling for two days before they disappeared. It helped a lot to take antihistamines. Then my wrists and two of my fingers began to swell. They got warm, sore and red, like if they were sprained. Still had a few rashes.

7 days later, I took another 400mg. It felt terrible. Concentration and mood was worsened, I felt dizzy and disoriented, fast heartbeat, burning cheeks and mild back pain. In the evening I started getting a few spots again. Some areas of my hands were still swollen. And no sleep of course. I haven’t taken modafinil since.

Is there any possible way, that I can continue without physical harms? Will the allergic reactions stop, keep coming or maybe even get worse with each pill? How can I experience the wanted effects more frequently? Have you had a similar response to modafinil - and if so, what did you do?