well i have been under some stress and i had a couple of panic attacks nothing major went to the er for some abdominal pain and they did xrays and nothing was found they said i had muscular skeletal pain, ok so i go home and week later which was 3 days ago i mow my lawn and i notice my heartbeat is kinda high rate so i sit down drink water well i decide to go to er a few hours later they hook me up to ekg and run test everything is fine blood pressure good then all of the sudden my heart rate jumps to 140bpm and i kinda freak out the dr says i am fine that i am having a rapid heart rate from pvt and i will be fine gives me 5mg beta blocker and sends me home with metoprolol 50 mg and tells me to take once a day and that i do not have high blood pressure but i am scared i have not got high blood pressure and i am scared that because i do not have blood pressure monitor that my blood pressure will get to low and i am new so i wont notice and i can hurt myself , also it says not to stop taking this so that scares me because i do not have insurance and i do not know if i can get a dr before the prescription runs out and if that happens i am scared i will be having even more problems can someone help me i just dont want to take this medicine i feel like i just had a panic episode and i can deal with those my heart is fine blood tests ekg and fact that i dont have high blood pressure prove that i have only taken this 3 times and i want to stop but i need to know if i will be ok i dont like how i feel on this medicine. please help