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Can I stop taking antabuse over the Christmas period and start again in the new year?

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Inactive 12 Dec 2013

Hello tophat43. I suggest you remain on the Antabuse. If a person is going to drink alcohol, having taken Antabuse, I would wait at least 72 hours before partaking of the alcohol. Regards pledge

kaismama 12 Dec 2013

If you're going to do that what's the point of being on antabuse?

endlessPred 19 Dec 2013

I am with Kaismama on this. Either you are a dry alcoholic on medication or a raging alcoholic without,. One is not here to give you permission to be abusive to yourself and the others in your life. Your denial needs further treatment.

angel1662 12 Dec 2013

hello tophat43
I 100% agree with KM... what is the point of even starting this medication if you r not going to work with it... in my opinion you have a great chance of making yourself better, why would you blow it... it just doesn't make sense to stop and start..this has to be a decision inside you to want to stop for good..obviously you have issues with alcohol..and I am not putting u down for I did to yrs ago do to ptsd... went into rehab and am doing well now... and only want the same for u..I no it is more harder around the holidays, but u can do it it's mind over matter... you don't want to end up with serious issues with your liver etc because of drinking... only pulling for your friend... think about it... I was rock bottom 15 bottles a day for I was self medicating do to dramatic abuse issue, didn't no at the time how else to deal and then started seeing a psych. and counselor and they saved my life... please think before u act... GOD BLESS..

kaismama 12 Dec 2013

geez woman, I haven't had that much to drink in my lifetime. How did you manage to stay alive?

pamee 12 Dec 2013

Alcohol is like any other drug, one builds up a tolerance and can drink up like its water with no problem, at least the person drinking thinks its not a problem, but we know different don't we?

pamee 12 Dec 2013

Angel, great answer :) If we were able to give 2 thumbs up I would have gave you two girl. So much that has happened in your life sounds like mine... God got me through it! free discount card

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