Patient is 80 yrs old . Had a triple bypass and an aortic valve replacement (tissue) 2 years ago. Since then, he has diet and has lost 55 pounds to 192 at 6' 2''. All of a sudden he has become anemic, has lost energy and appetite and has extremely low blood pressure. Is it necessary for him to be taking all these medications when his blood pressure is so low? . I understand now, that gemfibrozil and simvastatin make a dangerous combination. He has been taking them for 2 years! Was the doctor insane in prescribing these or at least not have stopped them after a period of time? Gastroenterologist seems to think the patient has now bleeding ulcers, hence the anemia.My question is, am I right in stopping the simvastatin and reducing the metoprolol to once a day? I am still keeping him on gemfibrozil. Thanks for any light on this.