Today I was prescribed sertraline film-coated tablets 50mg.

I have to take half of the pill (50mg pill split into half is 25mg). The box contains two packets of sertraline. I have currently been placed on two weeks course by my doctor.

I have had an increase in my depression and moods and felt really low etc. I have never had any sort of counseling or therapy.

My doctor placed me on these tablets today. Without providing me with enough information on the side effects and downside of taking this medication.

I have today taken 1 half pill (25mg) and have decided to stop taking it due to the number of side effects. I have never been on any medication which helps or controls mood, depression, anxiety etc. I feel as I should do therapy and counseling and see how I find that before I even should be prescribed this medication!

Does anyone know anything I should be worried about for stopping this medication? Please note (FIRST TIME ON THIS MEDICATION AND ONLY HAD HALF A PILL). I did contact pharmacist and explained everything and he said it’s my choice and said I haven’t really stated the course and I should be okay. He told me could have some side effects which are common.

Any advice much appreciated.