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Do I stop my pain meds befor hip replacement surgery?

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Stephen Treloar 26 Jul 2016

I didn't. I was wearing a 50microgram/hour before and after as well as the post op medication; another 100microgram/hour Fentanyl and Ketamine IV. They just need to know what you are taking so the anesthetist doesn't kill you.

Lolababygorl 27 Jul 2016

Thank you Steven. I appreciate so much for taking the time to address my question I feel a lot better after hearing from two people experience .

DancnDar 26 Jul 2016

I have had several surgeries while taking pain meds. I was able to take my pain meds up until surgery. As long as they know what you take and when it was last taken you will be ok. I do try not to take it on the day of surgery unless my surgery was later in the day, then I would take it in the morning if needed. They will go over which medications and OTC meds and supplements you must stop and how long before surgery you need to stop taking them. This is usually 1 to 2 weeks before. You will most likely be told to stop all supplements. Good luck on your surgery.

Lolababygorl 27 Jul 2016

Thanks So much. I love this support

DancnDar 27 Jul 2016

You're welcome free discount card

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