I have bi-lateral leg swelling, R worse. Upper thigh cramps," with screaming type pain " Muscle pain all over. Great hunger,. I am diabetic, mostly diet controlled. Age 74. Fingers are locking up, especially on arising. Neuropathy years old. Had polio age 12, lot's of muscle weakness to live with, just adapted best I could. Rested after shopping and this usually helped. But now the fatigue is overwhelming. Lately I feel like I'm sitting on a tennis ball, that's the only way I can describe it. I requested a referral to a neurologist and was mistakenly sent to a neurosurgeon first. I only had very recent ct scans of cervical to sacrum... He seemed dis-interested because I didn't have more recent mri results.(didn't have mri done because cardiologist wanted to be sure the heart stent done 5-11-14 wouldn't be moved ). However, after checking, I can have an mri because of the stent he used. After reading some of your posts, I feel like the general edema, pain in hands and fingers and another problem. No body does any serious detective work and they make appts. 3 months apart citing that's the next available opening. I will drink more h2o and will try vit b 6. I hope I haven't rattled on too much. Sunday 1-18-15 I went to er with my symptoms, after labs, the attending wanted to give an 8 day treatment with prednisone and if any improvement occurs, I should seek further diagnostics from rheumatologist. Took first dose with supper last night, kept me awake and later noticed I should have taken it earlier in am, but I needed some relief if it was going to help. Well, it has, my stiff neck is better and pain in hands & fingers less. Thank you for letting me share this.