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Please tell me what I can do to stop the intense itching side effect from opana?

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jmccormie 8 Mar 2012

It sounds to me like you are allergic to the Opana. I would definitely contact your doctor and let them know.

When I was taking my Humaria injections, it made me itch and my doctor told me to take 50mg of Benedryl and hour before I took my shot, but CALL YOUR DOCTOR FIRST! Benedryl has an antihistime in it and will cause you to be very sleepy. How often do you take Opana? I take Opana ER 1 in the AM and PM and have not experienced any itching.

Also, you may want to put lotion on that may help.

Again, please contact your doctor and let him/her know you are experiencing a lot of itching, they should be able to help you as well.

Good luck!

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