As everybody else I too want to save my hairs from getting completely wash away. I have been losing hairs little-by-little from 2 years & now I can see very less hair at front of my head than at the back of my head. I am not taking any medicines and I didn't have any diseases in past or in present. While taking bath and washing my head with shampoo I lose around 10strands of hairs and while drying my hair with towel. I also lose more hair daily when I check my pillow and blanket I can see hairs on them. To stop itching my head I wash my hair daily with a mild (low PH level) anti dandruff shampoo. And another problem is my hair are not thick & strong like before. They look very dry. Is there any medicine to treat the problem can I take medicine without doctor prescription. I like to have medicine which is easily available. Or if you know any homemade medicines which can help?