My 17 years old daughter started taking abilify on August 2014, she is 5'2"usually was 130 lbs or so, now she is 162 lbs, it seems that she stops scratching/cutting /self-harm issue. It also seems that she is "ok" with the weight, in her on words "I am trying to don't care". Now her feelings about not being worthy for her own existence, still there. She would like to die, she prefers to die than to be alive. No suicidal attempts yet.
I am truly sad and worry about her weight, his father, grandmother and great-grandmother are diabetic, and from my paternal family side, they all have heart and artery problems.
My daughter wants to continue taking abilify, and according to her psychiatrist, abilify lows your sugar levels, that explains why the carbs/sugar cravings.
SO again, the BIG QUESTION, How can my daughter continue with this combination of drugs and lose weight and keep a healthy, not only emotional life but a physical as well?
Any good results experience, with a diet and exercise routine that allow anybody here to keep a healthy weight?

Thank you.