Had A thyroidectomy when I was 40 now i am 52. Graves diagnosis. Sometimes when I take my normal dose of 50ug daily it gives me heart pulputations and short breath, then I bring it down to 25ug then I feel better but are then more tired. I had a good check-up by the cardiologist and my heart seems normal and healthy. My TFT blood results a fine. I am in my menupause phase now and have not yet had a historectomy. I suffer from hot flushes from time to time but it is manageable. It is necessary to continue with the Euthyrox forever. I used Eltroxin for 12 years and I was now prescribed Euthyrox is it the same thing. I smoke about 5 sigarettes a day. I do not battle with my weight but have gained some centimeters around my tummy and abdomen which frustrates me. Does the use of Euthyrox promote weight gain? If possible I would like to leave it completely.