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How to stop cluster Migranes?

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Inactive 28 Mar 2012

A lot depends on your health in general whether you have blood pressure problems etc... for anyone to guess what would help. You need to add more info about your meds & conditions, & I'm sure someone will have an answer for you. I had migrianes for 35 years ,6 weeks at a time. About that time is when Imitrex came out in shots & it took mine completely away, but they don't make the shots anymore because they did cure migraines. They have the pills, but my daughter uses them,& they help somewhat, but still gets them. Like I said, it depends a lot concerning any other health condition you might have. Some meds can't be prescribed for certain conditons because of other conditions... Mary

Inactive 30 Mar 2012

Go see a neurologist!! they have many new medications that can control cluster headaches. If you have not been to the doctor in years, you would be surprised at how many new meds are out there to help migraines, and cluster migraines!! Good luck!!

bassman916 30 Mar 2012

Yhank you so much for the info.

meg52 26 Jan 2013

I actually suffer from cluster migranes myself about two yrs ago I saw a neurologist they have many medications to help control them one of the most useful is actually called migrane formula and can be bought at a wellness center mine were control with that and topimax for a while with only a occasional need for an iv infusion one of the drugs commonly used in an infusion is benadryl and if its unbearable try benabryl its not a permanent solution but in a crunch it can relieve some pain mine came back this fall because of severe sudden onset of stress and anxiety I will soon be receiving injection right below my skull that from what I've heard are extremely helpful but try the migrane formula which can b found at wellness centers give It time but It'll help dependin on the severity of them free discount card

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