I was having a heart attack exactly a year ago
This is my information before and after heart attack
Before the heart attack:
Weight 133 kg
45 years old
The number of daily cigarettes: 120 cigarette
Daily Walking: zero hour
Pressure: 16/12
Now a year later:
Weight 108 kg
Age 46 years
The number of daily cigarettes: zero
Drinking alcohol: zero
ef: 40%
Daily walk: six hours , after every hour take a break
Pressure: 12/8
drug :
cardevilol 3.125 mg at 8:00
losartan 25 mg at 11:00 am
aspirin 81 mg at 2:00 pm
carvedilol half 3.125 mg at 5:00 pm
sometimes I still have chest pain and headache
Is the problem of carvedilol !!! Note that I pick up a very simple dose
With the knowledge that all the blood tests and diabetes are very good and within international standards
so should i stop carvedilol or increase it ?

With many thanks to you