Just a couple questions here. On 8/17 I experienced some irregular bleeding. Which is still continuing today 8/22. I'm on birth control (Microgestin FE 1/28 *Sorry I don't have the pack with me to confirm the name but I'm sure it's that) and I've been taking it correctly, except now since I've been bleeding. I've probably been late about 2 times, and just by a couple of minutes.
My question is, when will it stop or how can I get it to stop? Last night was the first time I've doubled up on the pill since I did a little research. The bleeding has calmed down but now it's bright pink/red. During the duration of time before I doubled up, the bleeding was brown, dark red with clots (I'm sorry TMI). And the cramping has been terrible as well. Worse than what I experience on my sugar pills.
I should probably add that I skipped my placebo week last pack, so I know I'm experiencing breakthrough bleeding - just don't know when it will subside. This is lasting longer than most periods I experience on the pill.
And I really do not want to switch pills. This is my third time switching, I finally found one that doesn't make me so nauseated.
Anyways, thank you. Feel free to ask for anymore details or questions!!!