I've Been On Nexplanon For Almost 1 Month Now And I Got In In While On My Period And It Had Not Stopped Since , I Can Say That The Bleeding Wasn't Heavy For The First 3 Weeks , I Wore Thing Regualr Size Always Pads Nothing Serious And On Day I Just Began Clotting And Bleeding Heavy So I Left School To Go Puck Up Some Maxi Pads And I Was Fine , But Then The Next Day I Began Clotting And Bleeding Very Heavy , Soaking Uo A Maxi Pad In About 10-15 Mins , feeling Like Blood Was Just Pouring out Of Me , I Then Changed Again And Soaked The Pad In Almost 8 Mins Amd Was Immediatly Rushed To The ER Due To Faint , And My Anemia , I Was Then Given To IV And My Bleeding Came To A Minimum , The Heavy Bleeding Stopped So I Went Home The Next Day And LITERALLY The Week Later Which Is Today ! I Woke Up Bleeding Teriible Heavy , Clotting , Lots Of Blood & Lately I Have Been Feeling Really Dizzy .